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Securities Analyst and Fund Manager with over 10 years of Japanese equity Long/Short strategy, Research Analyst with over 20 years experiences through more than 2 thousand times of company-visits and Interviews,


  • Electronics Industry analysis, such as portfolio strategy, business domain, diversification, M&A, R&D strategy.

  • Analysis Technology Load-mapping and Technology Forecast Planning.

  • Experiences of establish of Japanese equity division in JP Morgan Asia, co-establish of Hedge Fund Company.

  • Creation and publication of the new concept , Management Center of Gravity in the company portfolio,  Characteristic Period and Characteristic number/volume of Production.

    Through the analogy with physics and mechanical engineering, this concept would describe effectively the character of the company and its business portfolio, through the analysis of the inherent production volume-scale and the characteristic periode of time. This notion would also be useful for the quantitative evaluation of management speed, area of business domain, and dynamic capability for business-diversity against the changeable environment outside companies.





2014-Present        Circlecross Corporation CEO Chief Analyst




2005-2014             Finno Wave Investments Inc. as, Fund Manager


2011-2014             CEO Fund Manager


2005- 2011            COO Fund Manager, Marketing, Board Member


2005            Co-established Hedge Fund Company, Finno Wave Investments Inc.


                            As Fund Manager, My Performance of 10 years (2005-2014) was 9.7%/y


with Sharp-ratio of 0.93 and Sortino-ratio of 2.1.




1986-2005             Securities Analyst and Research Management


2001-2005             Executive MD, Head of Research, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.


2000-2001             MD, Head of Japanese Equity Research Division, JP Morgan Securities Asia


1997-2000             Director, Senior Analyst for Electronics Industries, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Tokyo


1986-1997             Senior Analyst for Electronics Industries, Nomura Research Institution, Tokyo


                            Five times of the top appointment as a securities analyst, in Nikkei and II ranking


in the electronics sector in 10 years.




2004-2011       Part time Professor


2009-2011             Part time Professor in Tokyo University of Science MOT course


2008-2009            Part time Professor of Nihon University Business School


2004-2006            Part-time Professor in Waseda University Business School


Giving special lectures named "Electronics Industry Analysis" and Fund Management




2009-2011       INNOTECH CORPORATION  Alternate auditor






Master of Engineering (1986), University of Tokyo






Birth Date/Place:  November, 26, 1959 in Fukuchiyama-city Kyoto, Japan   Marital Status:       Married


Language:             Native in Japanese and Available in English






Major  Position:


2010-              Member of Japan MOT Society


2009-2011             Part-time Professor of Tokyo University of Science MOT course


2007-                    Committee Member of ETT


1998-2002             Advisory Committee Member of SIRJ


2000-2005             MD of JPM Securities, Mizuho Securities




Major Publication:  All in Japanese:


2015                     Management center of gravity


2011                     How to revive Japanese Electronics Industry


2009                     Can Japnanese Industory have a future?


2007                     The truth oh Hedge Fund


2001                     Top Analysts Forecasts


1999                     Frontier of FPD


1990                     Japanese technology strategy towards 2000




Major Speech:  Conference


2016/04                 JEITA


2016/02                 Ritsumeikan Univ MBA


2015/11                 Hitototsubahi Univ MBA


2015/09                 NIKKEI


2015/04                 NCUBA MBA


2012/12                 NIKKEI


2009/06                 CMA


2008/12                 FSA


2004-06                 NIKKEI BP


2005-06                 SEAJ


99-2002                 SEMI- ITPC (HAWAII)


98-2003                 EIAJ/JEITA


97-99                    FPD(USA,KOREA,TAIWAN)




TV(on stage) http://www.circle-cross.com/最新ニュース20166月より/


2016/06                 BS-JAPAN


2016/03                 BS-JAPAN


2016/02                 NHK


2015/01                 NHK






Many citations in Nikkei, Toyo-keizai






2006-08                 NIKKEI BP http://business.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/manage/20060330/100902/?rt=nocnt


2015-                    News Picks (100- Pro-Picker) https://newspicks.com/